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Hertfordshire has a long history of providing quality education for its deaf children. In 1953 a school for partially hearing children was opened in Tewin Water House near Welwyn.

In 1964 Heathlands School for primary deaf children was opened in St. Albans. A number of units for deaf pupils were also based in mainstream schools.

Over the years many local authorities have closed their schools for the deaf, but Hertfordshire remained committed to providing choice and education according to need for its deaf pupils. In the 1980s both Heathlands School and Tewin Water set up integration links with mainstream schools.

In 1996, in order to strengthen links between Tewin Water School and Monk’s Walk School, a new specialist school was built on the same campus as Monk’s Walk School.

This new school, which opened in 1997, is able to provide the best of both worlds, specialist teaching for deaf pupils and opportunities for inclusion in Monk’s Walk School. The school was re-named Knightsfield School in 2000 by Susan Daniels, Chief Executive, NDCS. Knightsfield School became an academy in August 2012 in recognition of the outstanding provision.

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