Here are some of the things our students say about our school

“Knightsfield knows the best way to teach hearing impaired students. The lessons are really good.”

“There are smaller classes and it is quieter so you can hear the teacher clearly. People are friendly, also if you need help they will come.”

“Knightsfield helps you to improve your speech and listening, so you learn and understand better.”

“It is like a family, everyone knows your name. No-one is left out.”

“It makes children feel safe because sometimes people that are not deaf make fun of you, but at Knightsfield this does not happen because we are all the same.”

“It is a unique school suitable for hearing impaired children. It is also good because you have something in common with other children.”

“The children are very caring for each other and help each other when help is needed. This is a great school and I feel very ‘at home’ here with the teachers and other students.”

“It is the best school and it helps you so much and you can improve anything that you find difficult. They help you achieve your targets.”

“I have learnt a lot of things at Knightsfield, I have more knowledge and I understand things a lot better.”

“It has good activities days, activities week and theatre week. I like the way the teachers organise the days out so you are learning outside of school”.

“Parents should send their child to Knightsfield because it is a good school. It will help their child improve, they will make more friends and have lots of fun.”

Why not come and see for yourself?

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