Hawker Hurricane replica model at school – 26th March 2018

Chris Jefferson from Sci-Hi Education ( www.sci-hi.education/ ) delivered an engaging and very interesting morning for the whole school as they built a 1/3 replica of a Hawker Hurricane. He explained the physics of flight in an entertaining and accessible way and explained about the history of the plane. In addition, the variety of careers available in the aviation industry was highlighted and information made available to all the students.

Chris works in conjunction with YES Flyers, a group of aviation experts and pilots, who organise and support events to help youngsters develop an interest in flying ( www.yesflyers.org.uk/ ). They are affiliated to Project Phoenix, a local campaign to help re-open the Panshanger Aerodrome for the community to use once again ( www.project-phoenix.org.uk/ ).

Mrs Thrower was very pleased with the way students interacted during the group sessions and the interest they showed throughout the presentations. Perhaps some of the students will be inspired to find a career in the aviation industry.

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