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Pupils are assessed according to the National Curriculum level descriptors for each subject and progress is mapped by subject teachers.

On entry, in October of Year 7 pupils have National Curriculum baseline assessments in all subjects. MidYIS Year 7 tests are also administered, which give information about pupils with respect to non verbal skills, maths skills, vocabulary, speed of processing etc.This helps the school identify areas of strength and difficulties. The school also makes use of Fischer Family Trust data and National Progression Guidance for target setting and progress evaluation for individual pupils.

At several points throughout each school year, pupils are assessed on national curriculum levels, reading ability, speech and language assessments, listening assessments and personal and social development skills. Their progress is analysed and individual interventions planned and delivered where beneficial. A pupil’s progress is reported to parents at several times throughout the school year in different ways. (See below.) At GCSE and examination level parents receive information about their child’s predicted grades in Year 10 and in Year 11 along with written reports from teachers.

During 2014/15 assessment will be reviewed and a new system trialled and put in place for September 2015. This will be linked to the new curriculum and closely matched to the learning needs of pupils. 

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